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How much does it cost a computer program developing

(The cost of software developing in the Novtehprom Co)

We calculate the cost of creating software based on the cost of one person's work for one hour. This amount is equal to 700.00 rubles. and includes payment for the work on creating the program, all taxes on wages, as well as the company's expenses – banking services, accounting, etc.

How do I know how many hours it will take to develop a program for your order?

This is very easy to do. You formulate all the requirements for the program, we determine the possibility of their implementation and the labor intensity in hours, based on the level of our knowledge and experience.

Setting SOFTWARE requirements is an area that is located at the intersection of different types of activities. it is not always easy for the customer to understand modern technologies for developing computer programs and fulfill the requirements. In this case, customers and SOFTWARE developers need to work together to identify and clarify all requirements for custom SOFTWARE.

To solve large, complex projects, an iterative development method is used, which involves gradually identifying, refining, and, if necessary, changing requirements. This method includes the creation of project documentation, which, among other things, contains calculations for determining the cost of work.

For example, we give an extract from the document "Vision", namely the section "Cost pricing and time for development" of the program for calculating the need for materials for a machine-building enterprise:

Cost pricing and development time.

Key features of the program:

  • Entering the receipt of materials and components to the warehouse
  • Entering the release of materials from the warehouse
  • Forming balances at the end of the year (beginning of the next year)
  • Entering and adjusting the annual plan
  • Analysis of the availability of materials/components
item no. Task Number of hours Cost
1 Participation in meetings and discussions of requirements. 9 6300
2 Setting requirements for the program, preparing technical documentation, adjusting requirements and documentation in connection with clarifications and changes in requirements during the creation and testing of the program. 8 5600
3 Designing and creating database tables. 3 2100
4 Designing and creating the interface structure, navigation, and design. 4 2800
5 Implementing use cases: Entering and correcting the list of users, entering materials, Entering units of measurement, Entering products, and Authentication. 15 10500
6 Implementation use cases: Putting the goods into operation, a Report on the flow of materials. 8 5600
7 Implementing use cases: Entering and adjusting the annual plan. 3 2100
8 Implementing use cases: Analysis of material security. 16 11200
9 Testing and commissioning of the program. 6 4200
Subtotal 72 50400

It is important to note here that the Vision document is the final document of the inception phase. The purpose of this phase is to answer the following questions:

  • What is the overall vision of the project? (it must be the same for the customer and the contractor)
  • Is it possible to implement the planned project?
  • What is better to develop or buy a finished product?
  • How much (approximately) will cost the implementation of the project 30 thousand-300 thousand or millions of rubles?
  • Is it worth taking on this project?

The duration of the initial phase for small projects can be 1-2 days and the development cost indicated in the table above often coincides with the final cost of the entire work.

For larger projects, the initial phase may take about a week. The cost specified in the Vision document, in this case, reflects the approximate cost of development. How much (approximately) will the project cost?

The actual cost is specified during the development phase and can also be adjusted, but within smaller limits, in the process of further work during the construction phase.