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Terms of performance of works on software development in the Novtehprom Co

Everyone knows that an important element in the implementation of any project is a plan that defines the timing of work.

SOFTWARE development is no exception.

It is worth paying attention to some features of planning in the field of computer program development.

For some projects, you can especially avoid spending time and money on drawing up a detailed development plan and documenting it. You can limit the duration of the entire project and note the possible objective risks of violating this plan, if they exist, and reflect this in the SOFTWARE development contract.

When working on a large project, it is often necessary to carefully study and document the work plan.

Work on such a project begins with an inception phase, which can last about one week.

One of the documents that completes this phase is the "General development plan" document.

However, it should be remembered that this is a preliminary rough plan that will be refined at the next development phase, the "Elaboration Phase".

In the future, during the construction phase, adjustments to the plan are also possible, but less significant.

In addition, if necessary, plans are also made for each development phase before the start of this phase, as well as plans for each iteration before the start of each iteration.

At the end of the iteration and phases of development, held a meeting with representatives of the customer and the developer, which summarizes the execution of the plans and the oral opinion on the preparation of documents for payment.